Passive Income and the Internet

Passive Income and the Internet with IMGlobal


Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

30 years ago things like passive income were only driven by the power of the wealthy.  They could invest and earn interest, own real estate and rent, buy stocks and earn dividends, and many more things outside of the reach of everyday people.
Fortunately in our wonderful age of technology a number of things happened, which I think is well worth a mention.
The internet arrived and has since grown into a global community of people, creating endless ideas, innovation and opportunities for those who pay attention.
The scale of these opportunities have reduced in size significantly, and it is now less expensive than ever to participate in these opportunities, making these significantly more accessible to all. Even opportunities that have previously only been available to the wealthy are now available to all, by virtue of sharing approaches. (eg. Stock exchanges are now accessible to anyone with a little cash)
It is possible to build passive income with hard work and dedication and in no insignificant measure. And having a lot of cash is helpful, but not essential.
It is possible to build something utilizing efforts, interests and thoughts of others. In fact true success is directly connected with how you do this.
The scale of possible collaboration has increased significantly, by virtue of access to simpler communication, and sharing of common interests and goals.
Unfortunately as the scale of the opportunities reduced, it also had a direct correlation on the possible returns to be had, and so it has become harder to build passive income from one simple source. And for most to succeed, it requires a combination of several opportunities and work on all of them simultaneously, growing them simultaneously, to actually get anywhere.
The significant amount of opportunities have also made it harder to find the good opportunities. It is no longer a city mall that you could walk through, find all the stores, and pick the one you wish to shop from. It has become an ocean, with molecules, and for the most part, very difficult to locate really well paying ones.
So when considering this it is important to recognize that the digital world is not just a bunch of 0s and 1s, but rather driven by real people. Most of whom will likely share your need for personal freedom and financial security, in varying degrees of course, but nonetheless.
And a lot of these people will also be driven by things that even you have not thought of and considered, which means that for you to succeed, it may prove essential to open your mind, and think outside the box.
When all is said and done the reality is that your pursuit should be people. Find the people. Find their interests and then develop something around that. Only the people will bring you what you desire...
Passive income maybe impossible for others who do not know the techniques and strategies but with IMGlobal, it is really true.
I wish you all the best in all your ventures, and invite you to share your experiences on this subject.

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